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Here is a list of organizations using Scio in production.

Organization Use Case Code
Spotify Everything including music recommendation, monetization, artist insights and business analysis. We also use BigQuery, Bigtable and Datastore heavily with Scio. Big Data Rosetta Code, Ratatool, Featran
Big Viking Games Streaming event collection and ETL using Pub/Sub and BigQuery
Algolia Log collection and analytics using Bigtable, Cloud Storage & Pub/sub
Hypefactors Natural language processing / media monitoring. Also using PubSub, GCS and ElasticSearch with Scio.
Discord Streaming event collection, sessionization, and enrichment using Pub/Sub, BigQuery, and Bigtable.
Dow Jones Streaming article events, bulk article extractions and ETL using Pub/Sub, GCS and BigQuery for the DNA Platform.
Honey Streaming ETL data pipeline from Pub/Sub to Pub/Sub, BigTable, BigQuery.
Cabify Streaming data pipelines from Pub/Sub to BigQuery
Jobrapido Streaming and Batch ETL using Pub/Sub and BigQuery
9GAG Streaming and Batch ETL using Pub/Sub
Cityblock Streaming and Batch ETL using Pub/Sub, BigQuery, and Datastore
Arquivei Streaming and Batch ETL using Pub/Sub, BigQuery, GCS, S3, and ElasticSearch
Vpon Batch ETL and BigQuery
Snowplow Analytics Streaming ETL Beam Enrich, BigQuery Loader and Cloud Storage Loader
Quibi Streaming and Batch ETL from Pub/Sub and GCS to BigQuery
Ztore Streaming ETL and event-driven application, using Pub/Sub, BigQuery, Kafka, MongoDB, AWS SQS, and DynamoDB