Release Notes

The biggest updates for Heroic are highlighted below. For a full list of changes, see the relevant release on GitHub.

Changes listed for future releases are expectations but not hard commitments. The roadmap may be updated at any time.

1.2 (planned)

Theme: Metric storage improvements.


  • BREAKING Text-based serialization for BigTable RowKeys, allowing for better integration with standard BigTable tools.
  • Retention policy automatically set on BigTable clusters.
  • New timeseries sampled and derived from raw data upon ingestion.
  • Configurable options for BigTable partitioning.

1.1 (planned)

Theme: Advanced query usability.


  • Aggregations for rate of change.
  • Processing of arithmetic queries.
  • Query clients for Java and Python.
  • Better support for querying with a non-JSON DSL.

1.0 (planned)

Theme: Stability and documentation.


  • BREAKING Removal of support for events. Attempting to send events (or any non-metric data) through the ingestion pipeline will generate an error.
  • Documentation overhaul, complete with architectural references.
  • Java 11 compatability.
  • Analytics added on startup to track deployments and usage. Analytics can be disabled with a config option.


Released 2019-04-30

  • BREAKING Update semantic-metrics for internal instrumention, replacing meters with counters.
  • Use protobuf for shell serialization.
  • BREAKING Remove deprecated key-value v1 metadata backend. ElasticSearch is still fully supported as the MetadataBackendKV module.
  • Enable dynamic ElasticSearch node lookup.