package bigtable

Main package for Bigtable APIs. Import all.

import com.spotify.scio.bigtable._
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  1. bigtable
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  4. ScioContextSyntax
  5. SCollectionSyntax
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Package Members

  1. package syntax

Type Members

  1. class BigtableBulkWriter extends PTransform[PCollection[KV[ByteString, Iterable[Mutation]]], PDone]
  2. abstract class BigtableDoFn[A, B] extends GuavaAsyncLookupDoFn[A, B, BigtableSession]

    A DoFn that performs asynchronous lookup using Google Cloud Bigtable.

  3. sealed trait BigtableIO[T] extends ScioIO[T]
  4. final case class BigtableRead(bigtableOptions: BigtableOptions, tableId: String) extends BigtableIO[Row] with Product with Serializable
  5. final class BigtableUtil extends AnyRef

    Utilities to deal with Bigtable.

  6. final case class BigtableWrite[T <: Mutation](bigtableOptions: BigtableOptions, tableId: String) extends BigtableIO[(ByteString, Iterable[T])] with Product with Serializable
  7. class ChannelPoolCreator extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. implicit def bigtableMutationOps[T <: Mutation](sc: SCollection[(ByteString, Iterable[T])]): SCollectionMutationOps[T]
    Definition Classes
  2. implicit def bigtableScioContextOps(sc: ScioContext): ScioContextOps
    Definition Classes
  3. implicit def rowOps(row: Row): RowOps
    Definition Classes
  4. object BigtableIO
  5. object BigtableRead extends Serializable
  6. object BigtableWrite extends Serializable
  7. object Mutations

    Helper methods for Mutation.

  8. object Rows

    Helper methods for Row.

  9. object TableAdmin

    Bigtable Table Admin API helper commands.

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