package schemas

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Package Members

  1. package instances

Type Members

  1. final case class ArrayType[F[_], T](schema: Schema[T], toList: (F[T]) => List[T], fromList: (List[T]) => F[T]) extends Schema[F[T]] with Product with Serializable
  2. sealed trait LogicalType[T] extends Schema[T]
  3. final case class MapType[F[_, _], K, V](keySchema: Schema[K], valueSchema: Schema[V], toMap: (F[K, V]) => Map[K, V], fromMap: (Map[K, V]) => F[K, V]) extends Schema[F[K, V]] with Product with Serializable
  4. final case class OptionType[T](schema: Schema[T]) extends Schema[Option[T]] with Product with Serializable
  5. final case class RawRecord[T](schema: org.apache.beam.sdk.schemas.Schema, fromRow: SerializableFunction[Row, T], toRow: SerializableFunction[T, Row]) extends Schema[T] with Product with Serializable
  6. final case class Record[T] extends Schema[T] with Product with Serializable
  7. sealed trait Schema[T] extends Serializable
  8. sealed trait To[I, O] extends (SCollection[I]) => SCollection[O] with Serializable
  9. final case class Type[T](fieldType: FieldType) extends Schema[T] with Product with Serializable

Value Members

  1. object LogicalType extends Serializable
  2. object RawRecord extends Serializable
  3. object Record extends Serializable
  4. object ScalarWrapper extends Serializable
  5. object Schema extends JodaInstances with AvroInstances with LowPrioritySchemaDerivation with Serializable
  6. object SchemaMaterializer
  7. object To extends Serializable
  8. object ToMacro