Getting the source

git clone


Build and test the code.

cd scio
sbt test

Some examples depend on Google Cloud Platform and are excluded by default if GCP credentials are missing. To enable them, authenticate yourself for GCP, set up default credentials and restart sbt.

gcloud auth application-default login
sbt test

Alternatively you can populate pre-generated cache for BigQuery schemas to bypass GCP access. Define bigquery.project as a system property. The value can by anything since we’ll hit cache instead.

sbt -Dbigquery.project=dummy-project test

Tasks in the ‘integration’ module integration/{compile,test} currently require access to datasets hosted in an internal Spotify project. External users must authenticate against their own GCP project, through the steps outlined in Getting Started.

IntelliJ IDEA

When opening the project in IntelliJ IDEA, tick “Use sbt shell:” both “for imports” and “for builds”.