@protocol HUBAction <NSObject>

Protocol used to define Hub Framework actions

Actions are independant pieces of code that can be executed in response to events, such as selection, other user interface events, timers, etc. They can be used to implement application-wide extensions to the Hub Framework and handle tasks like model mutations, user interface updates, etc. Actions are either performed automatically by the Hub Framework when a component was selected, or by a component conforming to the HUBComponentActionPerformer protocol.

Actions are created by an implementation of HUBActionFactory, which are registered for a certain namespace with HUBActionRegistry.

  • Perform the action in a certain context



    - (BOOL)performWithContext:(nonnull id<HUBActionContext>)context;



    The context to perform the action in

    Return Value

    A boolean indicating whether the action was performed or not. When an action indicates success, it will stop any subsequent actions from being performed for the same event.