@protocol HUBComponentFactoryShowcaseNameProvider <HUBComponentFactory>

Extended HUBComponentFactory protocol that adds the ability to provide component names to a showcase

Use this protocol when you want to provide an array of supported component names to be included when showcaseableComponentIdentifiers is requested from the application’s HUBComponentRegistry.

The Hub Framework does not provide any built-in functionality for showcases, besides providing the component identifiers that have been declared as showcasable. Instead, it’s up to each API user to build showcase functionality on top of this API.

For more information about component factories, see HUBComponentFactory.

  • An array of component names that should be included in a component showcase



    @property (readonly, strong, nonatomic)
        NSArray<NSString *> *_Nonnull showcaseableComponentNames;
  • Return a human readable name for a component that can be displayed in a showcase



    - (nullable NSString *)showcaseNameForComponentName:
        (nonnull NSString *)componentName;



    The name of the component to return a showcase name for

    Return Value

    A component name that can be displayed in a showcase UI, or nil if the name was unrecognized by this component factory.