@protocol HUBActionPerformer <NSObject>

Protocol defining the public API of an object that performs Hub Framework actions

You use this API to manually perform actions from either a component (conforming to HUBComponentActionPerformer) or content operation (conforming to HUBContentOperationActionPerformer).

Actions are used to define custom behavior and/or to communicate between the parts that make up a Hub Framework-powered view.

You don’t conform to this protocol yourself. Instead, the Hub Framework will assign an object conforming to this protocol to the actionPerformer property of either a component or content operation.

  • Perform an action with a given identifier, optionally passing custom data as well



    - (BOOL)performActionWithIdentifier:(nonnull HUBIdentifier *)identifier
                             customData:(nullable NSDictionary<NSString *, id> *)



    The identifier of the action to perform. Will be resolved to a HUBAction if matching a HUBActionFactory registered with HUBActionRegistry for the given identifier’s namespace part.


    Any custom data to send to the action. Will be available on the HUBActionContext passed to the action when performed.

    Return Value

    A boolean indicating whether the action was successfully performed or not. NO will be returned if either no action could be created for the given identifier, or if the resolved action returned NO when being performed.