@protocol HUBComponentViewObserver <HUBComponent>

Extended Hub component protocol that adds the ability for a component to observe its view

Use this protocol when you want to customize the behavior of your component’s view, such as starting animations when the component appears on the screen, or reacting to resizes.

See HUBComponent for more information.

  • Sent to the component when it’s view was resized by the layout system

    This message will be sent on every resize, when the view already has its new frame. This is where the component should perform any manual repositioning or resizing of any subviews that its managing; it can be used as an equivalent of -layoutSubviews in a UIView subclass.



    - (void)viewDidResize;
  • Sent to the component when it’s view is about to appear on the screen

    This message will be sent both when the component’s view is about to appear because the user has scrolled the viewport to include the view’s frame, and also when the view controller that the component is presented in (re)appeared - if the component is in the initial viewport.

    This method can be used to start animations or perform any other visual changes.



    - (void)viewWillAppear;