@protocol HUBComponentActionPerformer <HUBComponent>

Extended Hub component protocol that adds the ability to perform actions

Use this protocol if you want your component to be able to perform actions based on custom user interactions or other events. By default The Hub Framework performs any actions associated with a component model’s target when the component is selected by the user, but this protocol makes it possible to perform any other action whenever the component wants. For example, you might want to trigger an action whenever the user swipes the component, or something similar.

See HUBComponent and HUBAction for more information.

  • An object that can be used to perform actions on behalf of this component

    Don’t assign any custom objects to this property. Instead, just \@sythensize it, so that the Hub Framework can assign an internal object to this property, to enable you to perform actions from the component.



    @property (readwrite, nonatomic, nullable) id<HUBActionPerformer>