@protocol HUBComponentWithSelectionState <HUBComponent>

Extended Hub component protocol that adds the ability to respond to selection events

Use this protocol if your component adjusts its appearance when the user interacts with it, such as when the user highlights it through a touch down, or selects it through a tap. A normal use case for this protocol is when a component is implemented using a table- or collection view cell, and you wish to update the cell’s highlighted/selected status.

For more information, see HUBComponent and HUBComponentSelectionState.

  • Update the components view for a certain selection state

    The Hub Framework automatically sends this message to a component when the user either highlights it (by touching down), or selects it (by tapping).



    - (void)updateViewForSelectionState:(HUBComponentSelectionState)selectionState;



    The new selection state that the component’s view should be updated for