@protocol HUBContentOperationWithInitialContent <HUBContentOperation>

Extended Hub content operation protocol that adds the ability to add initial content to a view

Use this protocol whenever your content operation is able to add pre-loaded content to a view, that is rendered before the main content loading chain is started.

See HUBContentOperation for more information.

  • Add any initial content for a view with a certain view URI, using a view model builder

    Initial content is always loaded synchronously, and is displayed for the user before the real view model of a view is loaded. It can be used to display a skeleton version of the final User Interface, or to add placeholder content. The key for this method is speed - it shouldn’t be used to perform expensive operations or to load any final content.

    In case no relevant content can be added by the content operation, it can just implement this method as a no-op.



    - (void)addInitialContentForViewURI:(nonnull NSURL *)viewURI
                         (nonnull id<HUBViewModelBuilder>)viewModelBuilder;



    The URI of the view that initial content should be added for


    The builder that can be used to add initial content